ResearchWe are constantly advancing our R&D performance to adapt to the ever-changing application needs of our customers. The anticipation of new markets, new applications, and new products will lead to growth for all of our business partners.

As formulators and innovators, we purchase all of our raw materials based on performance, quality, value and availability. Timely development on our end will help you get your products into commercial production on a timely basis. Whether it’s a coating, adhesive, extrusion lamination primer or additive, you can count on our experts to produce high-quality products.  

We stand committed to providing products which are in compliance with the strictest regulatory requirements and formulated from ingredients found on FDA lists cleared for direct food contact. All of our products are water-based and do not contain any VOC’s or heavy metals. As a company, we adhere to GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures) in the design and manufacturing of all of our chemical products.

Opportunities begin at the laboratory level. Partner with us on your next project.