Aqua Based Technologies offers industry proven extrusion laminating primers for the flexible packaging, printing and paper converting industries. Our primers are useful in improving adhesion of printing inks and other materials to various non-porous surfaces. All of our primers are water-based and are in compliance with the FDA for direct food contact.

Our Top Performing  Extrusion Laminating Primers

Aquaforte® 108W is our leading extrusion lamination primer used for packaging PE, PP film, paper and foil to a wide variety of accepting substrates. It has been a proven successful primer in the flexible packaging industry for over 30 years. Improves ink adhesion, is non-yellowing and has excellent water, grease and oil resistance properties.

Polaqua® 710 Lamination primer for aluminum foil. For adhering films and metals to extrusion coated polyolefins. High bond strengths are achieved with only small application levels.

Polaqua® 103L Primer for polypropylene, polyethylene and other films. It exhibits excellent grease, oil and moisture resistant bond strengths with only small application levels.


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