Aqua Based Technologies offers a complete line of FDA compliant, water-based adhesives for the flexible packaging, printing, and paper converting industries.

Our adhesives can be applied using standard conventional equipment (gravure, flexo, rod, roll, knife)

Our Top Performing Adhesives

AquaTack 6200: Economical laminating adhesive for hard to laminate substrates such as plastics, non-wovens and films. Excellent water resistance properties. Does not contain any organic solvents or phthalates. FDA compliant for direct food contact.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

AquaTack 5100: Repositionable low-tack pressure sensitive adhesive. FDA 175.105

AquaTack 5200: Repositionable medium-tack pressure sensitive adhesive. FDA 175.105

AquaTack 5300: Repositionable high-tack pressure sensitive adhesive. FDA 175.105

AquaTack 320: Pressure sensitive adhesive for direct food contact. All levels of tack and shear are available. FDA 175.320

AquaTack Self-Stick 1000: Cohesive coating for paper and film. No tack and no blocking. Will stick to itself. Ideal for use with business forms and food wrapping. FDA 175.320

Bonding Adhesive

AquaSol 2760: Water-based laminating adhesive for bonding vinyl, PVC to non-woven material. ZERO VOC’s, no heavy metals and is phthalate free. (Commercially proven water-based replacement for Plastisol)

Water-Soluble Adhesive

AquaTack 5070: Ideal for use in envelopes and other applications where a water-soluble adhesive is needed.

For TDS, MSDS or additional information on our Adhesives contact or use our contact us page.